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Women's health  

By combining the best self-care practices with medical expertise, we help you to take daily steps to a healthy life

Your Body, Your Choice

Hair loss

Weight Gain

Low Libido

Brain Fog

Poor sleep

Low mood


Vaginal Dryness

Hot flushes


Bone Health

Low energy

As women, our bodies are often changing, and so the way you look after yourself should adapt too. At Ingo we are here to support you to adapt with those changes.

You may be experiencing a number of symptoms which are common but not normal. Speak to our specialists in women's health today to see how we can help.

Already know who you want

to talk to?


All our GPs are experienced women's health experts, skilled at supporting you with your health decisions. From contraception to HRT choices we are here to listen to your needs.



No need to put up with leaking during exercise or painful sex.  Our physiotherapists are on hand to support you to remain as active as you want to be.  


Making lifestyle changes can be challenging.  Our qualified nutritionists support you as your body changes in mid-life, to make the changes to sustain you for the next few decades


Should you wish to, or need to take medications, our pharmacists can support you with this to ensure the best outcome for you.

 If so, to book an appointment with one of our women's health specialists.  All you will need to do is to click on the coloured box to book your appointment.

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At Ingo we treat you as a whole person

We listen to you and your needs and we come up with a personalised solution just for you.

We don't just want to treat your symptoms; we want to help you to address the root cause of your health concerns. 

We give you choices

We believe that your health decisions don't have to be 'this or that'.  We believe that you can combine a traditional approach to health and medical care with a lifestyle approach.  And we will support you in that decision making.

We fit into your

busy life

Need help with keeping health or to treat an unwelcome symptom?


No problem, we know you're busy so we've got that covered for you with our discrete and efficient service, direct to your door.

We make women's health easy

With online assessments, to delivery right to your door as well as ongoing support, we give you a seamless experience that fits into your busy life.


Sound good?


Join our community, find us on Instagram, and stay up to date with the latest advances in mid-life health and wellbeing and be the first to know about when we launch!

About Us

Fiona founded Ingo to give women choices when it comes to health and wellness.  


Fiona has worked for over 12 years in healthcare both in the British Army and Elite Sport. Looking after England Women's Rugby team really solidified Fiona's understanding of the benefits of treating the whole person and in identifying the root cause of problems.


Fiona is driven by the belief that women should have; more information, be given the opportunity to understand their symptoms and to treat them with a whole systems approach blending a traditional medical approach with lifestyle and wellness solutions.


Ingo's Chief Medical officer, Dr Justin Hughes is a leading Sports and Exercise Consultant who has extensive experience of managing the health of active women, at recreational and elite level having worked with the England Women's Rugby team during their successful World Cup campaign. Fiona & Justin are supported by a team of expert clinicians including medical consultants and nutritionists. This ensures that all solutions that we offer at Ingo Health are evidenced based and additionally, we have made transparency and quality at the top of our commitments to you. 

Personalised to You

Do you prefer a plant based diet and a lifestyle approach to your health? 


Or do you want a blend of pharmaceutical solutions as well as nutritional supplements and support?


Take our assessment tool and we will get to know you so that we can support your decision making.  

It will take you about 5 minutes, and we ask you about your symptoms, your lifestyle and how you like to manage your health. 

Take our free health assessment tools

Select your treatment plan combination

Your assessment and treatment selection are reviewed by our expert clinicians

Your selected treatments  will be discreetly delivered to your door

How It Works

Making it easy to take care of yourself

Our Philosophy Is Simple:
Treat The Causes, Not Just The Symptoms

At Ingo, we believe that women’s healthcare should be simple and accessible to all.


Using a combination of traditional and alternative medicine we have created a personalised health care system that works for women of every age. 

Simply answer a few questions and receive your individualised recommendations.

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Our Solutions

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Packed full of super, bone boosting goodness, our bone blend has been formulated just for women to support us throughout our life.

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Say goodbye to fatigue, low moods and bloating. Resilience is our scientifically formulated, powerhouse blend.


It is packed full of micronutrients to promote your overall health. 

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Biotin, vitamin A, Zinc and more have been carefully blended into one mighty daily capsule to support your hair growth whatever stage of life you are in.