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Meet The Team

Fiona Sweny

Fiona is Ingo's Founder.  She has worked in healthcare for over 12 years.  She has worked with female athletes at the highest level of performance both at England Rugby and at the Royal Ballet School. 

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Ayah Aboukoura

Ayah is Ingo's Pharmacist Advisor. Ayah's vision is to empower all women to meet their full potential through better management of their own health. Ayah has been practicing in a community-based setting for four years and as a result of her experience,  believes in personalised healthcare and in progressing women's health.

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Dr Justin Hughes

Justin is Ingo's Medical Director and Governance lead. He is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant.

Justin was lead Doctor to England Women's Rugby Team during their successful World Cup Campaign in 2014 and has extensive experience with military population. He now works at Fortius Clinic in London 

Tears or episiotomy wounds

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C-Section Wounds or Scars

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Urinary or faecal incontinence

What Can We Help You With Today?

What's 'normal' or 'common'?

When do I need to seek support and help?


These are two questions we often ask during the postnatal period.

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Our Clinicians


All our GPs are experienced women's health experts, skilled at supporting you with your health decisions.



  Our specialist women's health physiotherapists are on hand to support you during your postnatal journey


Sometimes we need support and reassurance and our expert midwives are on hand to answer your questions


Our pharmacists can support you with selecting the right product for you.

All of our clinicians are experienced in women's health and will be able to support you at the time when you need it.

Not sure who you need to see? Following your online consultation we will be able to suggest to you the best clinician to see based on your answers. 

We can offer you an appointment with any of the following: