Our Story

At Ingo Health, we are on a mission to improve access to women’s health services here in the UK, and on a global scale. Our driving force is our commitment to ensuring tailored healthcare solutions are accessible to everyone. Ingo is dedicated to being at the forefront of technology development in women’s health, ensuring women everywhere can be confident they are accessing the very latest, and the best, solutions.


Who are we? Our founding members have nearly 40 years of clinical experience between them and we have worked together for many years. We share a collective goal to improve health outcomes for women. Our mission is to ensure high quality and personalised healthcare is accessible to all women. Everywhere.

Meet Our Founders


Fiona Sweny

Founder & CEO

An understanding of the uniqueness of women's health needs underpinned Fiona's drive to create Ingo Health.  Fiona was a clinician in the British Army before leaving to join England Rugby where she worked for the women's Elite Player Squad before taking up a role at the Royal Ballet School as Healthcare Manager and embarking on an MBA.  Fiona is a mum of two and a keen recreational athlete and has experienced the needs of women's health both as a clinician and as a patient.


Dr Justin Hughes

Medical Director

Dr Justin Hughes is a Consultant in Sports Exercise and Rehabilitation Medicine. He has broad training and extensive clinical experience across primary and secondary care roles in the NHS and MOD.  In addition, he has held senior leadership roles in elite international sport, was Vice President of his speciality Faculty and was Chairman of the National Education Committee.  


Justin has worked in the private healthcare sector for over a decade and brings this unique set of skills and experiences to his role as Medical Director of Ingo Health.