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Health and Human 
Performance Consultancy

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We tailor our consultancy services to meet the unique needs of your organisation

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What We


Health and human performance strategy

If you are establishing a new service Ingo Health will identify the requirements of your unique organisation and give you a blueprint for your own health and human performance strategy. Find out more.


Health and human performance recruitment

We have relationships and access with experts within health and human performance and will manage the recruitment process for you to ensure that you are reaching the best talent possible to support and enhance your team.  Find out more.


Independent evaluation of existing services

If you are an organisation with existing health and human performance services we will perform an independent evaluation based upon best practices within your industry and beyond.  Find out more.


Health and human performance digital advisory

With a multitude of digital health and wellness tools available, choosing the most effective and appropriate platforms for your organisation can be challenging. We provide an independent evaluation of tools to meet your needs.  Find out more.

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Health and Human Performance Strategy

Drawing on our teams' International experience at the highest levels of elite sport we work with you to identify the current and future needs of your organisation, considering your strategy for success, both near- and long-term.  This may include:

  • Healthcare service requirements and implementation

  • Health assessment strategy

  • Human performance strategy

  • Governance and policy standards and documentation

  • Health and wellbeing infrastructure requirements

  • Health and human performance budget requirements

Many teams and organisations that we work with have existing services.  Oftentimes these services can fall under the direction of the People team as well as the Performance or Healthcare teams.  We conduct an independent evaluation of all of your existing services and benchmark these both against best practice in the high performance environments, and also against emerging innovative practices.  

The outputs from Ingo Health's evaluation is an independent advisory report identifying areas where potential cost savings can be made and where performance margins can be enhanced.

Independent Evaluation of Current Strategy

Health and Human Performance Recruitment

Drawing on our extensive network of performance and healthcare experts we can match your organisation with true experts in their fields to bring you the best talent to achieve your health and human performance goals.  

  • Brief - We work with you to create a tailored brief to ensure a perfect match for your team

  • Headhunt - We tap into our network ensuring we find the very best candidates for your role

  • Shortlist - We present you with an initial candidate shortlist, adjusting the brief (if required), then you decide who to take forward to interview

  • Offer and Beyond - We manage the offer process and ensure that your candidates have all the required insurances and training needed to give you full confidence in the underpinning governance of your new team member. 

From electronic athlete management and health record systems available, along with numerous and innovative wearable solutions promising performance gains, it can be hard to know which to select.  We spend time with you to identify your health and human performance goals in order to present you with solutions that meet your needs now and as you develop.  We take into consideration your budget as well as the nature of the activities that your team undertake.   

We undertake extensive due diligence on every product we recommend to ensure that they are trustworthy, secure and user centric. 

Health and Human 
Performance Digital Advisory

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